Who We Are

Our Alliance

The Coalition to End Broken Windows is an alliance of over a dozen grassroots community organizations from across the city committed to ending the unfair criminalization of poor communities of color by Broken Windows policing. Our partners include:

  • ANSWER Coalition is an anti-war social justice group that fights against war and racism and is based in Harlem. 
  • The Association for Pro Inmate's Rights Nieta is an organization founded by the formerly incarcerated to advocate for prisoner's rights and against inmate abuse. 
  • The Black Alliance for Just Immigration is a Brooklyn-based organization that organizes African-American and black immigrant communities towards racial, social and economic justice.
  • Brite Leadership Coalition - East New York is a Brooklyn-based community group dedicated to community building and civic engagement. 
  • BUSK NY is organization founded by subway artists and performers to organize around the rights of performers in public spaces.
  • El Grito de Sunset Park is a Brooklyn-based community watchdog group that documents police misconduct and fights for tenant's rights. 
  • Families for Freedom is a multi-ethnic human rights organization that fights for the rights of families facing deportations. 
  • Parents Against Police Brutality is an group made up of parents who've lost their children to police brutality and violence.  
  • The Police Reform Organizing Project is reform advocacy group that collects petitions and monitors the criminal court system to advocate against racially disparate police and criminal justice practices.
  • Queens Neighborhoods United is Queens-based community group that fights for immigrant rights, local businesses and against displacement and gentrification of vulnerable communities. 
  • Why Accountability is a Bronx-based black female-led grassroots police watchdog group that organizes around police accountability. 

Our Brochure

Coalition to End Broken Windows Brochure

CEBW_Brochure_2017 (pdf)